Recent Commercial Before & After Photos

Commercial Water Damage

SERVPRO has the equipment to be able to dry commercial spaces after a water intrusion. These pictures show a commercial area when first arrived after a water i... READ MORE

Commercial Fire & Water Damage

These numerous classrooms were affected initially by a fire but also got some damage due to the sprinkler system going off. The loss occurred in one classroom b... READ MORE

Fire And Smoke Detectors Malfunction

The dust on the carpeting of this corridor in a hotel was the result of a false alarm. The fire suppressing powder had no where to go since there was no fire, e... READ MORE

Carpet Store Fire

A fire broke out at a local carpet business in the back yard where they stored their excess inventory. Fortunately for everyone involved, the carpet store was ... READ MORE

Commercial Hot Water Leak

A business called us in a panic last week, a hot water pipe had burst inside of their kitchenette wall. Hot water can be much more damaging than room temperatu... READ MORE

Commercial Flood

The torrential rains deposited hundreds of gallons of water in this back service area of a fabricating plant. The contaminated water was extracted using submers... READ MORE