Recent Water Damage Before & After Photos

Basement Water Loss

This basement water loss occurred after a hot water pipe burst causing significant damage to the affected structure. SERVPRO was called and responded to the los... READ MORE

Before and After Water Damage

This is a before and after picture of the demolition SERVPRO had to do in order to properly dry out some homes during a water damage. This customer's cause of l... READ MORE

Attic Hot Water Heater Damage

This water loss occurred at a Frisco, TX residence. The homeowner was out of town. The freezing temperatures caused a hot water heater plumbing line to burst, i... READ MORE

Stairwell Closet Water Intrusion

This flooded stairwell closet in Frisco, TX was the result of a Water Heater leak located in the Garage, located next to the affected wall. The Water Heater was... READ MORE

Drying in Place

This home was located in Frisco, TX. Customer had a water line break that affected a master bath/closet. The customer was able to quickly turn off the water sou... READ MORE

Water Damage to Commercial Building.

Water damage to this shopping mall's first floor management office in Frisco, TX was the result of a restaurant's broken water pipe from the above second floor ... READ MORE

Intrusive Water Damage

This customer had been out of town and came home to find water pouring from the second floor's ceiling. In the attic a water line had burst which caused water d... READ MORE